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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1Why is my water and/or power bill so high?
    If your water use has not changed, you may have a water leak. Your water heater definitely also influences your electric bill. Electric water heaters are normally 30 percent of the power bill. If the water heater is old or you have hardness/poor water quality, it can cause your bill to be much higher than necessary.

    2. How much will something cost?
    This is a big one, and it doesn't necessarily apply to only plumbing. You should never receive a price sight unseen. If a plumber is able to tell you how much something costs before they even look at the problem, I wouldn't trust the price they gave you.

    3. Why does it cost so much?
    Plumbing can appear to be very simple, however it's easy for something to be done wrong. If the person doesn't know what they're doing or if they don't take the time to do the work correctly, everything blows apart and causes a huge (and expensive) mess. Hire a professional if you want the job done right. A professional does cost more than a non-professional.

    4. Why do I have such low water pressure in my home?
    When most people ask for water pressure, they're really asking for water volume. It could be caused by a number of factors. The street pressure that's being provided to you might be low. You may be using a well that doesn't have much water. Maybe you have old pipes that are like clogged arteries. The way to increase volume is to install booster pumps, fix the well situation, or replace the pipe to get rid of the clogged arteries in the plumbing system.

    5. How hot should my home's water be?
    We do not recommend hot water to be any hotter than 55 degrees. Anything higher than that temperature could become dangerous for small children or elderly people.

    6. Why do I run out of hot water?
    It could be because of your water heater. The first thing we do is look at your water heating needs. Then we look to see if the water heater is working properly and delivering the water that it's supposed to. If it is, it may just not be sized properly.

    7. What do I do if my toilet keeps running?
    Leaving the toilet running is a waste of time, water and money. Sometimes this can be really easy to see and sometimes it is only a little trickle.  It can indicate that some part of the mechanism has malfunctioned and needs to be adjusted or replaced.